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Stock Management and Partnerships


A little bit about us

Prestek was founded in 2011 by our management team with 20 years
industry experience working together.

Based in Wokingham, located with easy access to trade routes West of
London, on a purpose built site consisting of offices, workshops
and warehouses.

Prestek has continuously evolved over the last few decades, but never more so than in the last two years.

Our growing management team has over 85 years experience combined, covering all aspects of the industry.

The last 12 months has seen Prestek’s portfolio of services and clients increase significantly. We have two brand new custom built workshops, we have more than doubled the size of our warehouse, as well as expanding and refurbished our offices.

Work With Us

Interested in hearing how we can help you? Leave your name and email for one of our team members, who will get in touch.

Our Facilities

Main UK Warehouse

With 13,873 square feet, our UK main warehouse is were all the fun and hard work originates.

Testing Workshop

We have a 1,556 square feet bespoke workshop with custom built erasure and
imaging equipment designed to test and process large volumes of IT and Home
entertainment products. Over 300 devices tested per day!

Out-Bound Logistics Warehouse

This warehouse is our newest addition to the Prestek family adding 6,444 square feet in 2020.

Pallet Racking

We have space for 852 pallets plus we are exapnding by adding space for another 420 in 2020.


Finally, we are very proud to have opened Prestek GmbH in Germany this year to expand our European Sales and Purchasing team.

Where We EXCEL

We have 3 wonderful ways to work with our customers and partners alike: 3rd Party Disttribution and Logistics, Refurbishment & Reverse Logistics, Overstocks and EOL Stock Planning.

3rd Party Distribution and Logistics

For those brands who want a focused, personal service to get quality products to the market, we offer a fully managed service from our main head office in Wokingham.

Refurbishing and Reverse Logistics

Our strong partnerships withleading brands and our wide distribution access create a seamless transition from end-of-life to second-life revenue.

Overstocks and EOL Stock Planning

Our experienced team of industry experts in brand management, supply chain and retail technology, is well equipped to assist your brand in successfully navigating the e-commerce and retail ecosystems.

We’ll also ensure that your brand’s pricing is respected, and we’ll constantly monitor the availability of authorised products.

Please contact us to discuss all opportunities